Hashtag 01

There’s a new company on the scene selling sports gear “A new and innovative range of sportswear and lifestyle clothing.  Never settle for second best”.  They sell a range of t shirts, compression gear, hats and more.  They kindly sent me a T-shirt to try out, they have some running t shirts but I opted for the ‘all sports’ tee as I liked the design of that.


It’s a great comfy tee.  I had no chaffing when running in it and I really love the design and fit of it.  I wore it on a hot day so I was a bit warm (I tend to wear vests for summer running) but it will a perfect tee to wear when the temperature drops a bit and I’ve worn a few times already to work out at home & for before/after a race.  I reckon the compression wear would be a great base layer for winter running too.  I quite like the look of the hats too- I always wear a baseball cap when running, unless it’s really really cold and I go for a woolly hat to keep me warm.


You can check out their full range here www.hashtag01.com

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