GO! by Tobias Mews

“Whether you are looking to find a new challenge on your doorstep, tempt friends to race one another at the weekend or create an epic 7 day challenge, GO! is the ultimate inspirational guide to getting outside and challenging yourself.”

You may know Tobias from his previous book ’50 races to do before you die’, which I admit I have’t read but I think I’ll be ordering it soon as I love this one.  He refers to himself as an adventure athlete “which essentially means that I compete in adventurous endurance challenges – whether that be tackling the world’s toughest ironman distance triathlon, running ultra marathons around Mont Blanc, cycling the length and breadth of the country or swim running across islands in Sweden’s Archipelago.”  This man clearly knows how to tackle a challenge and in this new book he’ll be inspiring many more to follow in his footsteps.

I expect everyone that picks up this new book by Tobias Mews will be inspired to set themselves a fun challenge.  It makes it exciting and you can go on an adventure rather than running the same old routes over & over.


This book is full of inspiration to get outside.  It is divided into three sections:

Midweek madness: A short adventure that is easy to fit into your schedule.

Wacky Weekends: Ideas to get away and have a couple of days of adventure.

Long term Burners: Some longer more challenging adventures.

The book has a great layout which makes it easy to see all the relevant info, including: prep time; adventure time; difficulty level; whether or not it is family friendly; and in more detail the concept, rules, recommended kit and method.

There were a couple of things I didn’t understand.  A few times he mentions “collecting cols” I googled it and searched it and think it means cycling various valleys but it’s not overly clear- I guess thats aimed at experienced cyclists who would know about that.  I found some of the rules a bit restrictive….BUT it does encourage you to set your own rules for the challenge you’re building yourself so that is a good thing as it will definitely inspire you.

It’s not just about running either.  I focus on this as I run but there is plenty to include cycling and swimming too.

Some of the challenges such as the “Day Flight Run” sound amazing.  It’s taking a fight into somewhere, completing an adventure and flying out again the same day.  Even a cheap flight would make this an expensive day out….although you would need to plan in advance and if you add up a race entry, accommodation, travel, food, drinks etc for some of the races would do you’d probably be able to do a day flight trip for less.  The tagline of the book is #GoRaceItYourself so it is inspiring you to do just that rather than spend the money on the usual races.

After reading the book I wanted to set myself a challenge straight away so I went for the one I found most accessible, the “Boundaries Run”.  I googled the boundary of my postcode and then went on to www.mapmyrun.com to map out the route.  I followed as closely as I could and headed out to run my boundary.  I loved it.  It was about 7 miles and I got to explore my local area.  I ran down roads I’ve never been down, some lovely- some not so much.  It really struck me how gentrification (apologies for the overused hipster buzz word) has really hit the area; I ran past a council estate and within a minute was running by luxury flats with nice pathways and greenery.  We’re clearly making way for more affluent people which “likely leads to more displacement for lower-income families”.  Anyway….I’m getting off point…..the point is running around your local area and exploring really opens your eyes and makes you see your local area in a new light.  I highly recommend this one- and it is so easy to map out.

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 10.37.14.png
The Google map of SW9
FullSizeRender copy
My SW9 boundary run

Some of the challenges suggest you aim for speed and use strava.  I don’t tend to run like this but this is a book for everyone, I know lots of people that would love this part of the challenges.  This book shows you that you can build your own challenge to do something that you’ll enjoy.

I highly recommend this one.  I think everyone that picks it up will be inspired to take up an exciting challenge and go out on an adventure.



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