Reebok Floatride

My time as a Reebok sponsored athlete is up – it’s been an incredible privilege so I thought I’d wrap it up with a blog about the experience.

I put my name forward to be part of the Reebok team back in January after being told about it by Darren (@Runnersknees).  I pretty much forgot I’d put my name forward when I received an email in February to say I’d been successful and would be on the Reebok Team for the London Marathon 2017! I was so excited.

Reebok is a well known brand but I’d never ran in their shoes before, and they’re not a brand I would have previously thought of for running.  I was sent some awesome reebok kit, which I love and wear on a regular basis (and I love the bag- I use it all the time).


When my floatride shoes arrived I was impressed with how they looked.  They are a good looking shoe.  When I first tried them on I wasn’t sure about the fit- as the body of the shoe is made of ultraknit they feel tighter around the foot than I am used to with other shoes.  I have sometimes had a bit of pain on the top of my foot if shoes are too tight so I was worried that this would be an issue.  I went straight out to try them out.  I needn’t have worried.  They are very light and comfortable and make for a smooth run.


I have been wearing the floatride for all runs I’ve been on since they arrived (apart from a couple of trail runs, when my trail shoes were needed).  I wore them for Barcelona marathon and then all my training for the London Marathon so I have worn them on several long and short runs.  They have seen me through 2 marathons and a lot of training.  I will definitely continue wearing them and would buy them again once I’ve worn this pair out.


If it wasn’t for Reebok I wouldn’t have done the London Marathon this year.  I love the London Marathon- it was my first in 2014 and running London made my marathon total 12.  I loved being on the team, from the amazing kit to the great training day and I got to have a fabulous coach which really helped me focus my training and running.  I’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone on the Floatride team.  I already miss having a coach- I just hope I get to run the London Marathon again next year.

I blogged throughout my training and you can read all about when I found out I was on the team HERE and the marathon day itself HERE 



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