Chantry Canter 2017

After the London Marathon I had a bit of a rest from running.  I was enjoying my rest when on Thursday (May 4th) I got a message from Tash asking me if I fancied a 10 mile run on Sunday.  It didn’t take much persuading and after I’d checked out I could get there on Sunday morning I put my name on the waiting list for the inaugural Chantry Canter.  I soon got an email & a tweet telling me that I was through the waiting list so I signed up.

I thought I’d better have a little leg stretch before the race so I headed out on Friday (May 5th) for a nice & easy 5k and really enjoyed it, with my tunes and no watch or app going- a completely un-recorded run – I loved it but am sure that thought makes some runners shudder.  I think most runners would benefit from tech free runs occasionally- no pressure, just fun.

The Chantry Canter has 5k, 5 mile and 10 mile options plus a fun run for the kids.  Of course we went for the 10 mile option which was 2 laps around Chantry Wood.

It was a bit of a struggle to get up with my 6.15am alarm to have some breakfast and head out to get the train to Guildford.  Tash & Nick picked me up at the station to drive the start area.  I’m glad I used the loos on the train as there were no toilets at the start.  We picked up our numbers easily and met up with Michele, CatLee– who I swear does every race there is- he should be the official ukrunchat mascot :).  We did the obligatory pre-race pic that was taken by Emily (& none of us realised till after the race).


After a short race briefing from race organiser David Chapman we were on our way – straight up a fairly big hill so I was soon walking along with a lot of other runners.  This was to be the first hill of many.  The second big hill was a real calf burner.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.35.34.png
Elevation : 1537 ft ascent

I don’t have many hills on my runs as I run a lot in London.  I think I’ll be spending the summer at Swains Lane of pain to get myself ready for 46k in the swiss mountains at the end of August.

It was a beautiful run and it was great to run with no time pressures and just run and enjoy the countryside.


I think it was only a couple miles in when I saw Michele and we ended up running the rest of the way together.  It was great to have company for the run.  There weren’t many other runners over the 3 races so it was a quiet route- a quiet route is lovely but we had a great time chatting our way through the race.  We hadn’t met each other before Sunday but we had a great time.  Michele has only been running a year and is really an inspirational runner, she got into running to build her confidence and to take a break from a stressful job and being a single mum to 3 girls.  She does a lot of races and is doing race to the king double marathon in June.  I think this has inspired me to do a new monthly feature on my blog as I love hearing peoples stories about how they got into running and it really is inspirational.  I’ll post more on this idea soon once I’ve figured it out.


After a fun (& tough) 10 miles we crossed the finish line last.  I have absolutely no worries about this at all.  It was a great day and I really enjoyed it.  I was really happy to get a medal as I had signed up late & it had been stated that late sign ups may have to wait for a medal in the post.  Cat, Nick & Tash were there to cheer us over the line so we got a photo and then dove into the yummy snack table- those rice krispie cakes were delicious.


Tash, Nick, Michele & I headed off to find the closest pub and had a good drink and a winning roast dinner.

I do love a giant yorkshire!

It was a fabulous day.  I’m so glad I did a last minute sign up.  I would recommend this run-the organiser does quite a few races and I think it deserves more runners to be at the event.  I only heard of it by chance so I think the race organiser needs a good website & more social media presence so more runners can hear about these great races.

Thanks everyone involved for a great day, especially Tash & Nick for telling me about the race & picking me up & dropping me off at the station and Michele for being great running company (& maybe a great business idea) xx.

If you want to check out the races by Wacky events you can see them HERE & the Chantry Canter HERE

Next up for me: Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon next weekend (May 14th).


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