What a week!

It’s race week! The week I have been looking forward to ages….and it’s all gone a bit tits up.

I started the week feeling excited, I couldn’t wait to get to the expo and then attend the running awards on Thursday and I’ve been SO excited for race day.

I was at my parents on Sunday night so I started the week with a lovely run along the coast and my last interval session.  It was a great run, a bit tough on the hills along the coastline but I loved it.  Only a 10 minute steady; 20 min marathon pace; 6x 20 sec sprint & 60 sec jog; and finished with 10 min steady.


I felt great on Monday.  Late on Tuesday I started to feel a bit congested, I thought it may be hay fever so took some allergy tablets for it.  I felt worse on Wednesday and tried to take stuff to clear the congestion in my sinuses.  I felt ok in the middle of the day on Wednesday but felt bad in the evening again.  On Thursday I felt good & raring to go, it was the day of the expo and then the running awards.  I did a 20 minute run in the morning and then headed out to the expo.  I had a fab time at the expo, it was exciting getting my number and taking in the atmosphere, chatting with people on various stands….including a guy I hadn’t seen for 20 years that I went to dancing school with!


A group of us met for dinner before the running awards- we were all looking forward to a great night after the fun that was had last year.  I felt a bit of a headache when we were at the restaurant but didn’t feel too bad.  As the awards went on I felt pretty rough- as soon as it finished I had to go & be sick, and then was pretty ill all through the night.  This is not what you want 3 days pre-marathon.  I was tired and worried about whether I would make it to race day.  I had to call in sick to work and spent the day sleeping and finally managed some food in the late afternoon and evening.


The #ukrunchat gang looking fabulous for the awards

The irony is that this is one of the only times I’ve stayed off booze for the few weeks leading up to the marathon.   I’ve wanted to give myself the best chance possible and didn’t want to muck it up so have been looking after myself as well as I can with good food & hydration…. only to be struck down by this damn bug.

I contacted the organisers of the Reebok team to give them a heads up as I was worried about what would happen.  I wanted to know the worst case scenario.  The lovely charity said I would be able to defer should I not feel able to do it- this was some relief as I’ve heard that some charities don’t allow that.  So now I knew the worst case scenario and managed to eat some food.  I calmed down and tried to get my head back in the game and focus on Sunday.  I got my race kit ready and started packing my bag for the weekend.


Now I’ve had a good nights sleep I feel much better.  I’m coughing a bit but I think keeping hydrated should fix that.

So not the best week – worst timing ever to be struck down with an illness.  But I’m hoping and praying I only improve from here.  My only plans today are to travel over to south east London to stay with a friend tonight who’s going to drive me down to the start in the morning.  After a restful day, and trying to eat little & often to keep my energy levels up, plus a good nights sleep I’ll be ready & raring to go tomorrow…hopefully.Unknown-1


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