1 week till London!


Well- we’re nearly there.  We’ve made it this far and we’re on the final stretch.  This week is all about looking after ourselves and getting to race day feeling rested and confident.

My training plan has been going pretty well.  Last week I did my LSR on Monday after cheering at Brighton Marathon on Sunday.  We had a great day cheering on all the runners in the sunshine and celebrating with a couple of beers afterwards.

FullSizeRender-51IMG_9856My LSR went well- just a 1 hour 45 minute run in the sun- but nice & cool compared to the heat the runners had to deal with in Brighton.  On Thursday I did a speed session: 10 mins steady; 3 x (5x 75 sec fast with 75 sec rest) with 2 min 30 between sets.  The plan said not to push too hard so I didn’t go all out on the intervals but I really enjoyed it.

My next run on the plan was an hour steady run.  I was all dressed to get out and run on Friday but I had some washing machine issues I needed to deal with and by the time I’d done that I was way too hungry to run so I had lunch and the moment to run passed by.  Only the 2nd run I’ve missed on the plan- I missed one in week 1 and now one in the penultimate week too.  1 run isn’t going to change how I run next week so I’m not beating myself up over it.

I did parkrun yesterday-I went for it.  We had pacers (we don’t usually) and I was disappointed when I kept spotting the 26 min pacer in front of me as I was convinced I was going at a better pace than that.  I know the course well so I started gong for it earlier than usual.  I left the 26 mile pacer behind me and crossed the line in 25:14.  My best time of the year so far.  I’m so happy with my progress this year- all down to the training plan.

FullSizeRender-50I am loving having a focus and plan to stick to for a change (as normally would make my own flexible plan….which only includes the weekly LSR & I would run when I felt like it between with no intervals/fartleks etc.

Now all that’s left of the plan is one speed session early in the week:

10mins @ Steady

20mins @ Marathon pace

6 x 20secs @ 85% effort with a 60sec slow jog inbetween each.

10mins @ Steady.

Then a final 20-30 min leg loosener later in the week to stretch the legs….and that’s it….one run left on the plan…..The London Marathon.  It was my first marathon in 2014 and this one will be my 12th.  Crossing that finish line for the first time back in 2014 was incredible -it gave me the marathon bug big time and I am so excited to be doing it again.  I am sure I will get emotional as it will be such an amazing day.

I am crazy excited already so I know I need to make an effort to calm the hell down so I don’t exhaust myself bouncing around like a kid at Christmas all week long as I’d be knackered by the end of the week.  I work late so I will make an extra effort to go to bed as soon as I’m home this week so I am well rested.  I’ll be taking my probiotics, magnesium and vitamin D (as I have been for the past week) on top of my usual iron & multi vitamin.  I will probably take echinacea the week after the marathon too.

So that’s it for now, resting and boosting the immune system is our priorities this week.  Get organised and keep calm.  It helps me plan the week out a bit so I don’t get too anxious about what I have to do- marathon number 12 & I still get the nerves.  I think when I’m extra excited I get a bit anxious too so I keep organised to keep that under control.

All my top tips were in last weeks blog (2 weeks till London!).  I forgot to add that it’s a good idea to have bin bags handy in case it’s wet before the race, maybe even plastic bags over feet if really wet.  It shouldn’t be wet this year so we shouldn’t need that but the bin bag is handy if you fancy a sit down on the grass before going to the loo queue/ race pens etc (I did in 2014- a little moment to myself to take it all in and laugh at some funny costumes going by).  And don’t forget the jumper to throw away- I need to sort that one myself.

This time next week we’ll be running along the 26.2 street party! I can not wait.

If you’re running London too I hope you have a fabulous week; eat, sleep & hydrate well; and enjoy it! It’s going to be an incredible day xIMG_9900


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