2 weeks till London!

How exciting is that?! Just 2 weeks till London….14 days…..3336 hours……20160 minutes…..you get the idea!

Exciting times indeed!  Pre marathon can be equally scary & exciting.  It’s time to taper, relax, look after ourselves and get organised.

Firstly: There’s going to be loads of advice flying about over the next 2 weeks about what you should and shouldn’t do.  First & foremost you need to do what works for you.  We’re all different so do what makes you feel most calm & confident for race day.  With this in mind here are a few tips from me- feel free to take on board or not- do what works for YOU.

  • Plan the non-running part of the race.  What will you do the day before? Try not to spend too much time on your feet.  Where will you eat the night before the race?  Where are you staying the night before the race? Make sure you’re back in time for an early night.  What will you do for breakfast? And make your travel plans- ensure you give yourself plenty of time for the bag drop & the loo queue.
  • If there’s anything you’re worried about write it down & then write how you’ll deal with the problem should it arise.
  • Look after yourself- keep that immune system boosted with vitamins and fruit & veg (especially if you’ve done a big LSR recently). Take those vitamins leading up to the marathon and for at least 2 weeks after the marathon as that is when you’re immune system is at it’s weakest.  I take a multi-vitamin & iron all the time anyway (I always take Iron as was advised to by a doctor who told me it can be especially useful for women runners, especially those that are vegetarian/vegan &/or those with a heavy period)..  I have added a pro-biotic and vitamin D to that for the marathon build up, and will continue to take post marathon for recovery…..plus I have other races coming up.
  • Tapering is different for everyone.  Don’t stop running though.  Do a few short easy runs (I’m thinking 5k).  I have a plan provided for me this year and will be keeping to that.  I have one speed session & 1 steady run each week & parkrun next Saturday (Plus long run of 1 hour 45 mins tomorrow that I’m not doing today due to cheering at Brighton- yay!).  I would normally do a couple of 5k runs a week and maybe 5ish miles on the Sunday before (depending on how I’m feeling).
  • Plan outfits for each weather possibility- who knows what the weather will be like.  When I ran London in 2014 it was pretty hot; in 2015 it was cold & raining; last year it was cold & windy.  The weather reports keep changing till about 2 days before (I still check religiously during the week before lol).
  • On race day, drop your bag off & join the loo queue; once you’ve been go to the back of the queue & go again- just to be sure.
  • Have a jumper that you’re happy to throw away that you can wear to keep warm after you’ve put your bag in the bag drop & chuck to the side at the start.  All of these get collected and given to charities.
  • Make sure you have your name on your top (it’s not too late to get it printed).  Having the crowd shouting your name for 26.2 miles is incredible and will help get you round.
  • Moat of all- don’t panic.  It’s an emotional time but have faith in your training- you have done your best and you can only do your best in the moment you’re in on race day.  You will finish the marathon, get that medal & have one of the best days of your life along the 26.2 mile street party that is London.  Here’s my 1st ever blog about my first marathon back in London in 2014 Here.
  • Enjoy it! Go out there and have fun.  No matter what happens it will be a fabulous day.  Set yourself 3/4 different goals: for example: 1: PB 2: Close to PB 3: To enjoy it and finish.  Don’t let one goal fog your vision of the day & stop you from enjoying it should it not happen.  Of course, go for it but prepare for anything- you should be proud of yourself no matter what happens once you get to that finish line.
  • You’re amazing for getting to the start line- you’ve run 100’s of miles in training- this is just the 26.2 victory lap.  Have fun and I’ll see you there! I can’t wait!

If you’d like to check out some of my blogs full of tips from the experts have a look at the Virgin London Marathon Meet the Experts Day Here and the Reebok Marathon Training Day Here.

If you have any favourite top tips or any questions feel free to comment below xxx.


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