3 weeks since Barcelona-3 weeks till London

Week Beginning March 13th

My training this week has gone pretty well.  A run was planned for the Tuesday after the marathon but after arriving home from Barcelona late Monday and then a 14 hour day of work on the Tuesday I put it off and didn’t do it till Thursday.  It was just an easy 5k recovery run.

On Saturday (18th) I headed to my local parkrun to see how I’d do post marathon.  I know in the past I’ve done pretty well at parkrun the week after a marathon so I was looking forward to seeing what I could do….It went really well and I got my best time of the year so far.

Week Beginning March 20th

On Sunday (19th) the LSR was planned but I didn’t feel too well that morning so I did it on Monday instead (thank god for flexible plan- I’d be rubbish with a rigid one).  This was 90 minute run with intervals.  It went pretty well.  My post marathon blisters suffered a bit and I had a sore toe through most of the run but I’m happy with the pace I was keeping throughout the run.

March 20th : First day of Spring

I was supposed to head out for some intervals on Wednesday but I didn’t fancy doing some tough intervals in the wind & rain so I planned to do it before work the next day.  Instead I did some strength & conditioning at home working on abs & arms.

I was worried about my plan so I sat & looked at my work schedule & rearranged my plan for this week and next so it fits around work….& life.  On Thursday I ran to work rather than doing the interval session as my plans had to change due to the awful incident at Westminster Bridge on Wednesday 22nd.

On Friday I did my ‘Interval Sandwich’ session:

10mins Warm Up

10mins @ 7 out of 10 effort

3mins Jog

6 x 1min with a 1min rest between each

3mins jog

10mins 7 out of 10 effort

10min Cool down

On Saturday March 25th I got up & out early before work to do my fartlek session.  2 days in a row of training but it keeps Sunday free so I can get up & out early to visit my Mum on Mothers Day.  The lovely session in the sun included:

25mins @ Steady

5mins @ Marathon Pace
5mins @ Threshold
5mins @ Marathon Pace

10mins @ Steady

5mins @ Marathon Pace
5mins @ Threshold
5mins @ Marathon Pace

10mins @Steady

I’m really happy with training going so well post Barcelona.

Week Beginning March 27th

I did my LSR on Wednesday.  A scheduled 2 hour 45 minute run.  It was a nice run along the Thames but I felt a bit disappointed in my pace.  I was just taking it easy (as was stated on the plan) but would have liked my ‘easy’ pace to be a bit faster.  I think I was feeling the effects of a full on weekend (drinking a lot of wine with my parents on Mothers Day) and then a long day at work.

On Friday was the ‘Blood buffering’ session:

10mins warm up
Dynamic Mobility Drills https://youtu.be/RIr_WJ0GG5o
High Knee Drill https://youtu.be/s8zpf5a7pGY

3 x ( 5mins- 3min – 1min intervals)

Rests- 90sec between intervals but only 45secs between sets. So finish the 1min interval and you only get 45 secs before you start again.

10mins warm down

This felt tough but I’m loving pushing myself and seeing the pace I can achieve in these training sessions.

Saturday morning I was up & out before work for a scheduled hour run at a steady pace.  I actually only did 40 mins as I had to get back to get ready for work but it was a good run not far under my target marathon pace.

This morning (Sunday 2nd) was an LSR Fartlek session:

30mins @ Steady

10mins @ Marathon Pace
10mins @ Threshold
10mins @ Marathon Pace

10mins @ Steady

10mins @  Marathon Pace
10mins @Threshold
10mins @  Marathon Pace

15mins @ Steady




It was a great run.  And it’s a beautiful day!  I haven’t been taking water out on training runs (except the runs over 2 hours) but it was warmer today and I definitely paid for not taking water.  The 2nd threshold run was really tough.  I’m really happy with the pace I was able to keep especially when my legs felt a bit tired at the beginning of the run.

Now it’s 3 weeks till London! I’m so excited! I have doubts in myself at whether I’ll get my PB but I know that I will have an amazing run and it will be a spectacular day no matter what….and I’ll try my damned hardest too.



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