Training Plan-7 weeks till London…

…New kit &  1 week till Barcelona!

The training plan is going well so far.  I’m really enjoying having a focus on a plan that’s tailor made for me for a change (as I don’t usually get a plan to stick to- I make up my own).


This week started with:

10-15min Warm Up

Dynamic Mobility Drills

7 x 3mins fast & smooth off a 90 sec jog recovery

10min warm down.

Before this plan I never incorporated intervals/fartleks in my training and I’m really enjoying them now.  They are pretty tough but I know the hard work will be worth it.  Last week I was worried about looking silly doing the mobility drills….this week I was looking forward to them.  They’re really fun.



The run had been scheduled for Thursday but after a pretty long & stressful day at work on Wednesday I just felt too tired on Thursday so I moved it to Friday……and this is why this plan works for me.  Flexibility is key.

As I was having my morning cuppa the door bell went & I received a huge package from Reebok.  It was like Christmas.  It really is a privilege to be on the Reebok London Marathon Team.  This is what arrived:


So after a quick try on of everything I got myself together to head out for a scheduled 55 minute run.  When running by Big Ben I was going to run across the bridge & go back the other way but I couldn’t resist a quick run around the final section of the London Marathon that we’ll all be running in 7 weeks.  I did this a lot before I ran my first marathon- it’s exciting to visualise that finish line.  I ended up doing 1hr 7 mins but it was a really fun steady run.


No Parkrun this week as I went to the Reebok Marathon Training Day at SweatShop.  It was a fab day and really informative.  There were talks by Shaun Dixon: running coach & my running coach too; super Nutritionist Renee McGregor, who is the nutritionist for the Team GB Ultra Team; a talk about injury prevention from Scott Newton; a presentation of the Reebok Floatride shoe; and an appearance from the legendary Steve Jones.

Blog coming soon to tell you all about it.



So this run didn’t start out so well…..I headed out on my run and didn’t get very far when there were 3 teenagers on bikes coming towards me.  I thought nothing of it and ran between them as they were spread over the wide path… was only as they were right next to me that I realised the one now next to me had a scarf over his face and a big long stick in his hand.  It all happened really fast.  I thought oops I shouldn’t have got so close to him as didn’t see the stick and to just keep running.  As he went past he whacked the stick on my bum.  His friends laughed and I was SO angry – the south east London in me coming out as I shouted some expletives as they sped off and adding “Would you do that to your sister or your mum?” as they sped off don the road.

I was pretty angry.  Little bastards.  The twitter community were really supportive in making sure I was OK.  I am OK and a few people said they think I should report it.  I won’t be doing that- I had to report something last year and despite there being cctv cameras etc on that occasion they didn’t get the guy…so with no cctv, I can’t give a good description of what they look like etc I know there is not much the police can do.  They were 3 kids being stupid.  It’s unacceptable behaviour but I don’t feel reporting it could be of any benefit to anyone on this occasion.

This months Runners World has an article “Running while female“, which has some stats that show how much women have to deal with while running.  Almost half of women runners in the UK have experience harassment while running; 27% have been followed; 3% have been flashed; 13% have been sexually propositioned; 34% have stopped running some routes for safety reasons; 79% have been concerned about the threat of unwanted physical contact; and a horrific 5% have been grabbed, gropped or otherwise assaulted.

These are horrid stats and women runners should not have to be subjected to this.  I for one am not going to let it stop me.  I know some people experience worse behaviour that the incident I experienced but I shouted, walked for bit and then ran. I was angry but I had run to do.  I briefly considered turning around to go back home but then what?  This happened on my road and I can’t let it stop me.  I continued with the run and the anger soon subsided and I was able to enjoy the run around the park.  I did feel a little anxious as I ran back down my road but I stayed vigilant and didn’t see the little bastards again.

I will be extra vigilant when I’m running now but there’s no way I’m going to let some stupid boys stop me doing what I love.

Back to the run:

This was long run with tempo sessions built in which I’ve been really enjoying.  I had a few walking stops to message people etc after the drama at the beginning of the run but I got on with the run quite well.  I’m happy with the pace I’m able to keep for longer periods.

30mins steady

30mins @marathon pace (I actually went faster than the 9:05 min/mile target)

10mins @ steady

15mins @ threshold (I’m not the best at threshold but I guess it’s about perceived effort and I went for it as best I could)

15mins @ steady.

It ended up being an ok run.  Obviously not one of the best runs I’ve had but the running went pretty well and the weather held out for me and didn’t rain till I got home.

Up next…

Barcelona is on March 12th so this week is all about feeling ready at the weekend.  I cannot wait to get to there on Saturday and see what I can do for my first marathon of the year on Sunday.

Thanks for reading x


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