Training Plan : Week 2


I shifted the first workout from Tuesday to Wednesday as I wasn’t fully recovered from being ill at the weekend and had a long day of work too.


The first work out of the week was intervals and dynamic mobility drills.  I’m using the ‘Interval Run’ app on the iPhone which allows me to program the runs in and I can listen to music and the app will tell me when to speed up, slow down etc.  I added a minutes rest in so I could pause it to do the drills.


To be completely honest when I saw the video of the drills I was a bit worried about looking like a bit of a twat at the park but I headed to the corner of the park with the outside gym equipment and did my thing without feeling silly at all and actually really enjoyed it.  The skipping was my favourite bit and I thought that would be the bit I felt silliest.

The drills that I did are HERE.

The workout also included 8 x 2mins off a 90 sec jog recovery (2 minutes fast and smooth without busting a gut).  I enjoyed it but it was hard work- after 4 I felt like I must be near the end.  I’d say the 4th & 5th reps were the hardest.


There was a session in the plan for Friday but I was unable to fit it in.  My first missed session but hey ho – sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to go with it.  I’ve been sticking to the plan otherwise and have been really happy with how it’s going so I’m not beating myself up over missing just one.


I had time for parkrun before work and had a great run.  I had a great run and it was my fastest parkrun in quite a while.  It’s my 3rd of the year and my time is much improved – I’m only in the second week of my training plan so it was great to see great results already.

I’m really happy with that.  My parkrun PB is 24:47 that I did in October 2015.  I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do as the training plan works its magic.



LSR time- my plan had a 1hr 45min run with some speed sessions thrown in.  I wasn’t sure how this one would go but I headed out in my new Reebok Floatride trainers to give them their 1st LSR.

Todays session was: 30 mins steady; 30 mins marathon pace; 10 mins steady; 20 mins threshold; 15 mins steady.

I wasn’t expecting to be able to keep up with the pace today but I’m SO pleased with how I got on.  The 30 minutes at marathon pace went pretty well and I was actually faster than the 9:05 target and was actually under 9 min miles for most of it.  The 20 min threshold went well too and I was at 8/8.5/min miles for most of it.

So all in all a great run.  It was a great confidence booster with Barcelona Marathon coming up in two weeks.  I can’t wait to see what I can do.


Barcelona is certainly sneaking up on me! As always I’d like a bit longer to train but at the same time can’t wait to head to spain for a long weekend.  I know I’ll finish but have no idea how I’ll do for time- it’s been a long time since I’ve run a flat road marathon.  The 6 marathons & above I’ve done since Brighton Marathon in April last year have all been hills & trail.  I can’t wait to explore Barcelona and it’ll be great for London build up to.

This year certainly seems to be flying by already!


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