Week 1 of the Training Plan

I’m running the London Marathon as part of the Reebok Team.  As part of that I get a running coach, Shaun Dixon, who has made me a personal training plan.  It’s very exciting as I’ve never had a tailor made plan before….to be honest I don’t normally follow a plan at all, I draw myself a vague plan of LSRs to do each week & that’s it.

I’m also running Barcelona Marathon in March so the training will help with the build up for that too.

My previous Marathon PB is 4:03 at Bristol-Bath Marathon in 2015.  The ideal would be to get under 4 hours at London so that is what the plan is helping me towards.

I’ve done all of the runs on the plan this week.

Last Sunday I did the SVN Bowieathon, the race was 5 mile loops; you can complete as many as you like in 6 hours.  As my longest run before that had been 10 miles I was advised to do 3 laps.  I did 2 at a steady pace and was supposed to do the 3rd at marathon pace.  I did manage to do a faster 3rd lap but it was just under the target pace.  I’m very happy with that as the 3 laps actually were 16 miles which is a great distance to give me some confidence that I can make the marathon in March and build on my speed before London in April.

I did a 45 minutes steady run on Tuesday which felt good after the race on Sunday.


On Thursday I had my first fartlek session.  I usually don’t do any intervals/fartleks/hill repeats etc in training.  I include hills in my runs but otherwise I just run & see how I feel without keeping to a specific pace.

I got an app on my phone to program the intervals in so my phone can tell me when to speed up/ sprint etc.  This made it easy to keep to the plan, no need to look at my phone or remember what I was supposed to be doing for each section of the session.

The session was:

  • 20 minute steady pace
  • 10 minute marathon pace
  • 5 minute steady
  • 5 x 60 secs sprint off 60 sec rest
  • 5 minute steady
  • 5 minute marathon pace
  • 10 minute cool down

I felt great after and I’m happy with how I got on- it was a tiring run & the last section of marathon pace wasn’t quite up to speed but I can definitely see me incorporating these into my regular runs.


My LSR was scheduled for Saturday but I switched it to Sunday as I had work on Saturday (yay for flexible training plans!).  My runs are scheduled for time rather than distance which is new to me.  My plan said 2 hours & 20 minutes but I went for 2:45.  A bit more than planned but I was enjoying myself along the river so went for a bit longer.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an LSR along the river and it was great to see SO many other runners about.

To sum up

I’ve really enjoyed week 1 of the plan.  It’s nice to have a plan to stick to for a change and I’m looking forward to seeing the results come marathon day on April 23rd (and at Barcelona on March 12th- so exciting).



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