It’s been an exciting week….

This is just a quick blog to update you on the exciting week I’ve had.

You know how it works: you enter competitions & apply for things online & then don’t really expect to hear anything from it.  So imagine my excitement and surprise when I opened  my emails up Wednesday lunch time to find I had been selected to be part of the Reebok London Marathon Team!!!!!!!


As part of this I get to try out some Reebok apparel, a running coach and a place in London Marathon 2017!


I felt a little bad as Darren aka @Runnersknees had told me about this & I was successful & he wasn’t; he also told his brother to enter the ballot & his brother got in & he didn’t.  That guilt subsided on Thursday lunchtime when Darren got a call saying he’d got a charity place (read all about that HERE).

I absolutely love London Marathon! 3 years ago it was my first marathon which was the best day.  IMG_1318.jpg

I’ve now completed 10 marathons plus 4 ultra marathons.  I take the weekend off work for the London Marathon, even if I’m not running, to go to the expo and either volunteer or cheer along the runners.  It’s such a fun weekend and I can barely contain my excitement that I get to do it again as part of the Reebok team.

It all happened very fast and by Thursday lunch time I was officially all signed up!  There was a London Marathon Meet The Expert day on Saturday and, by chance, I had the day off work anyway so I went along for the day.  It was a great day and I took loads of notes that will be in my next blog very soon.

I have a couple of races between now & London.  I’m doing Bowieathon on Sunday, a 5.25 lap race (you can do as many laps as you like); I’m also doing Barcelona Marathon on March 12th.

2017 is going to be a fabulous year x

You can read my London Marathon 2014 blog HERE



One Comment Add yours

  1. DrJuliet says:

    Hey that’s GREAT! I’m currently running in Reebok shoes and I love them. Good luck with the training xx


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