Runderwear Review

Pretty in Pink


Getting the right underwear is essential when you’re a runner.  No chaffing allowed!

I have tried out a few different brands but have found that Runderwear are the most comfortable & prevent the dreaded chaffing.


I have been using Underwear for a while, my only problem with it was that I felt that the black isn’t pretty (no one sees it but we all know we feel more fabulous in fabulous underwear).

I saw the new pink Runderwear when the wonderful Marina Ranger and Lucja Leonard ran across the Netherlands in just their Runderwear.  I had to have it- I love pink!

The Pink is just as comfortable & anti-chaffing as the black- and its nice to have something a bit prettier than the black version.


In the past I have had a lot of trouble finding the right sports bra as they tend to chaff my back.  I have found a couple that are comfortable and I put sports tape across my back where the bra line is to prevent the chaffing on long runs.  I was eager to try out the new Runderwear bra.  The Bra comes in the same bright pink and is very comfortable.  This is a great bra offering support & comfort.  No more back chaffing in this bra.  A revolution for me.

My only request would be that they offered it with padding as I feel uncomfortable wearing a bra without it (I don’t want to be in public with that smartie smuggler look).

I would (& often do) recommend Runderwear to runners.  Definitely go for the briefs and if you’re happy to go without padding then the bra is fabulous too.

I’d give the Runderwear Pink range a big shiny pink 4 & a half stars (only loosing half for the lack of padding)

If you’re not a fan of bright pink the range is also available in black & blue.


Happy Shopping!


You can read more about Lucja & Marinas amazing 500k in 5 days across the Netherlands here:

Blog by Marina Ranger 

Blog by Lucja Leonard



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