Count down to Kings

It really feels like this year is flying by. It’s just 1 week to Race to the King and a mere 4 weeks to Race to the Stones.

I’m really looking forward to next weekend. I am sure Race to the King is going to be an awesome race. I feel comfortable going into the marathon distance and I think this will be a great taster for what Race to the Stones will be like.

Race to the Stones will be a big test of endurance. With all distances I have previously run I have built up to the distance so I’ve known that I can at least get close. With 100k it’s a massive jump from what I’ve done before. The most I’ve done is at once is 50k. I have no idea how I’m going to find it- will I love it or hate it? How tough will the tough bits be? Right now I am not sure I’d sign up for this distance again. It’s a massive challenge that has been my focus for a long time and I think it’s quite stressful with a long build up to such a massive challenge. I’m not sure I’d do it again…….but I have no idea how I’ll feel after it. I am sure straight after crossing that finish line I’ll be emotional, relieved & extremely proud. I have no idea how I’ll feel after that; will it be “Never again” or will I be signed up for another within a week? Only time will tell. I am looking forward to it. I am feeling quite prepared- well I know I am prepared as I am going to be. I am nervous but it is exciting to think I could complete 100 whole k! How mental is that!?

Next weekend I hope to carry everything that I will need with me at Stones so it’ll be a good dress rehearsal. As long as I get organised I know that I won’t have to stress about anything other than the race itself. I hope I’m not making it sound too stressful but I’m not sure how else to describe all the nerves & excitement & trepidation all mixed up together.

All printed & prepared: The hub for entrants online has loads of useful information

Recent Training:

I am quite happy with the three runs I did on Tuesday. I did 6 miles at breakfast time, 10 for lunch & then 8 hilly ones for dinner. I felt pretty good, maybe a bit tired by the last one but overall I felt great. My right knee did feel a bit twingey & then hurt on Wednesday morning but luckily the pain faded away. I have rested it the rest of the week to be sure I don’t aggravate it. I’ll make sure I fit in some more knee strengthening exercises this week, as well as my arm & shoulder work outs. I’ll do 2/3 short runs this week so I’m ready for the marathon on Saturday. If all goes well I’ll try a run on Sunday too.

Thanks for reading & have a great week x


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