Profeet: A treat for your feet

It was time for me to get some new trail shoes. My old ones were pretty worn out.


I had heard good things about Profeet on twitter so decided to give it a try, I wanted to make sure that I got the right trainers as I have Race to the Stones coming up and comfort & practicality are both essential.

I booked myself in for a running assessment over the phone. I had never had to book into buy trainers before! I was quite excited.


As soon as I arrived the friendly staff greeted me & offered drinks- the water was appreciated on a hot day. Emma introduced herself and we got started with the assessment. We discussed my running history, races coming up & previous injuries. I took my shoes & socks off & she looked at the flexibility of my feet and my arches. She looked at how I stand too.

Then I had a go on the running machine- 1st in my current running trainers so she could see how I run in those & then in bare feet. I also ran up & down the track that has a pressure pad on it to analysis how your foot lands.

The information gained from this was great. It’s a total running geek out! When we’d discussed injuries I couldn’t remember if it was my left or right leg that I’d had an ITB problem with but Emma knew from the way I ran that it was my left side from the way my hips move when I run. Plus we looked at how my legs & feet move on each stride.

The dynamic analysis on the mat was quite interesting. I land on my fore-foot but don’t use my toes very much. My heels barely touch the floor-my left one didn’t touch the floor at all.


Emma picked out a few different styles of trainers for me to try out. The first felt ok, the 2nd I felt totally uncomfortable and the 3rd was really comfortable. I could use the running machine & track at my leisure to get a feel of them. I wanted to try on some Hokas too as I really like the look of them. Unfortuantely the only ones they had in stock, whilst beautiful, were not for me. They have a job to do & my feet are a little wide & the soles were poking into my inner midfoot.

Beautiful but uncomfortable 😦

I ran around in the Saucony Peregrine & tried a couple of different sizes out whilst Emma got my information together as well as some exercises to improve my hips (as the left is a little weaker) and to get my toes moving.


The whole experience was fabulous. My feet were very happy & spoilt. If you run & want to ensure you get the right trainers I would definitely recommend this. This is the best gait analysis you can find! You run a lot & your feet deserve to be looked after and this is certainly the place for it. Plus we all love a bit of a geek out at all the info & stats they give. And you get a 15% discount if you’re doing Race to The Stones- perfect!

My trainers are perfect too- I did a couple short runs in them & then ran Weald 50k in them. They were very comfy & they’ll be seeing me around Race to the King next week & then Race to the Stones in July.

Race to the Stones is getting closer. I am nervous- and I have no idea if I’ve done the right training but I will do my best on the day & will just aim to get to that finish line. At least with the help of profeet I know my feet will be comfy.

Learn more about Profeet here:


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    1. iranhereblog says:

      Hi 🙂
      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. If you go to my home page & scroll down to the bottom there is “follow me” button that will enable you to get updates.
      Thanks so much for reading & have a great weekend x


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