Shiny new blog

We’re half way thorugh the year already! This year is whizzing by.

So this is my first new blog on my brand new sparkly blog page (the others are archives of old blogs I first published with ukrunchat). I thought I’d reflect on how the year is going so far & a bit about what I have coming up.

It’s been a fairly busy year….So far I’ve run 2 half marathons (Rail to Trail South & Dartford), 3 marathons (Rail to Trail West, Brighton & Cranleigh) & two 50k ultras (Canalathon & Weald).

My next race is Race to the King on June 25th. I am running the Day 1 Marathon and then it’s the big one, the BIG challenge of the year Race to the Stones! It is coming around far too fast for my liking. My focus is completely on this one- my biggest ever challenge!

I’m excited about Race to the King- the course looks amazing & I’m sure it’s going to be a fabulous day. My feelings about Race to the Stones are all over the place – I think there’s excitement in there somewhere, as well as nerves, trepidation- it’s pretty scary. I’m doing the 100k in one go option (I must be nuts!).

For those unfamiliar with the Race to the King & Stones: they are both ultra runs. Kings is a double marathon at 53.5 miles in June; Stones is 100k in July. Both races have various options: do it all in 1 go, do it over 2 days with a stop over camp half way or you can do half of the distance on day 1 or 2).

The furthest I have done is 50k. I wonder if I have trained enough but I realise that everyone says this no matter how much training they’ve done. I have read through a lot of blog about last years Race to the Stones and it made me feel much better. Everyone has a different approach to it and everyone goes into it with very different levels of training behind them.

It’s important to learn from previous run so it’s time for some reflection. I have done 3 ultras and on each of those at no point did I want to stop so I can take that with me to Stones. I took Weald 50k slow & steady at my pace and had a fabulous day feeling strong at the end (unlike Brighton marathon where I set off too fast & was knackered- it was tough). I had a fabulous marathon at Cranleigh with Tash- taking it slow & we had a great time- one of my favourite marathons to date. Rail to Trail West is a marathon I’d rather forget although I know that despite the bloody tough conditions I finished it- I was 2nd to last finisher. It was a bit of a soul destroyer but now I look back at it I’m proud I finished & continued on to the finish (there were several drop outs at half way that day).

I guess I’m feeling pretty prepared in some ways & not so much in others. I have some awesome trainers from Profeet that will see my through the run (a blog all about that treat for your feet coming soon). I need to make a list of what I’m going to carry. I’m happy with my fuelling for a 50k- I don’t eat, I carry tailwind & water & drink some coke at the check points. In the coming weeks I do need to do some eating & running but it feels me with dread a bit- I have heard that not everyone eats on an ultra so I am confident (convincing myself here) that my fuelling ill be fine.

I recommend people run with ‘sos hydrate’ (not to be confused with sis). If I need to take on salt I have these handy. A couple of people were ill at Weald & I gave them some sos to help them rehydrate- have those or dioralyte handy…I know I know but it’s got everything in it you need to rehydrate if you get ill. It was recommended to me after I could barely eat for a couple of days after a long run as I’d be hungry & then feel ill as soon as I tried to eat- I had a dioralyte and within an hour I was feeling better & eating all the food I could find. Matt Upston wrote an article on hyponatremia and I always think of it in a long run when it’s hot- keep an eye on those hands! (Link below)

Those of you that know me might notice Shrewsbury Half has disappeared off my race calendar. I have to work next weekend so I’m unable to make it- I am sure you’ll all have an amazing time and I look forward to seeing all the pictures & updates from a crazy weekend of tweet ups & running.

That’s all for now- I hope you like the new blog.

Thanks for reading x.


Hyponatremia: Click here for Matts article


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